with Rob and Claire Smith

23 February, 2019

9:15 am for 9:30 am start

The Transgender Challenge

Rob and Claire Smith

The world is changing rapidly around us. Many now believe that gender not only exists on a broad spectrum but can be chosen and changed at will. Others, however, still believe in the binary nature of gender but contend that they have been born in the wrong body. Rob and Claire Smith will seek to help us grapple with what’s going on, how we got here, what the Bible teaches about sex and gender and how we can speak with both clarity and compassion to the challenges created by the Transgender Phenomenon.

Rob Smith has spent 25 years in pastoral ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and works for its Department of Ministry Training & Development. He also lectures in theology, ethics and music ministry at Sydney Missionary & Bible College. He is the co-author of Songs of the Saints: Enriching our Singing by Learning from the Songs of Scripture (Matthias Media, 2017) and is currently undertaking doctoral studies in the theology of sex and gender. He is married to Claire, and they have an adult son.

Claire Smith lives in Sydney, Australia, with her husband Rob. They attend St Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral. Claire is a writer and women’s Bible teacher who has spent of her ministry life thinking and speaking about the issues of sex and gender. A nurse by background, Claire has a PhD in New Testament (Moore Theological College) and is the author of God’s Good Design: What the Bible Really Says about Men and Women (Matthias Media, 2012).

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