2021 Annual Appeal

A message from Rev Dr Hugh Begbie

My time at St Andrews is coming to an end. I will conclude my locum here on the 31st May and will leave on a road trip in early June. If needed, I have made it clear that I will be available again when I make it back from a half loop of Australia, many photographs in hand.

Before I go it seems appropriate for me to make some important observations.

  1. This is a great community and I have enjoyed being part of it.
  2. It has wonderful potential. The location, history and nature of the church mean that through prayer and openness, good leadership and commitment to mission and to each other from all its members, the opportunity for the Gospel to spread out from this place is high.
  3. The church is made up of people, but we work out of physical buildings that need maintaining and, in the modern world, we need to keep up with technological requirements, though the primary role of communicating the Gospel should also be front and centre in this task.

As a mark of my appreciation for all that you have meant to me, for your support and encouragement and for the spiritual blessing you have been to me, I would like to lead the way in launching St Andrew’s South Brisbane 2021 Annual Appeal. This year, the appeal will be divided into two parts.

Part 1: There is the opportunity to donate to the TAX-DEDUCTIBLE National Trust St Andrew’s South Brisbane Conservation Appeal.

The reason is that some key maintenance work needs to be done. Firstly, the drainage around the church needs to be upgraded. We have a damp issue that is damaging the sandstone and is need of urgent attention. Secondly, some thoughtful person painted the sandstone in the area between the Blue Room and Club Room and it is preventing the sandstone from airing properly and again damp is damaging the stone. This also is urgent.

To find out how you can give to the National Trust St Andrew’s South Brisbane Conservation Appeal:

Part 2: You can give to the Technology Appeal (not tax-deductible).

This part of the appeal is to help fund the purchase of two large video monitors for the church. Recently, we set up one of these monitors in the church. Did you notice the difference between the quality of the picture on the monitor and that of the projector on the screen? It is like chalk and cheese, and the video monitor makes it easier for everyone to read the words and see the images.  What is more, with an ongoing need to share our services online, this technology is essential. Finally, we should note that the current projector screen (which is broken and cannot be fixed) is an eyesore that blocks vision of the organ pipes on the right hand side of the church. The video monitors will be less conspicuous. The projector will be permanently removed.

I will lead by donating $500 to the Technology Appeal as my way of saying “Thank you” to this wonderful community of Christian people. There are several ways you can follow my lead and give to the Technology Appeal.

The simplest way is to donate directly via Tithe.ly (choose “TECHNOLOGY APPEAL” from the pull-down menu):

To find out other ways you can give to the Technology Appeal, including a one-off Electronic Deposit with “TECHNOLOGY” as the reference:


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