A 50th wedding anniversary celebration

At morning tea after the 8:30 am service at St Andrew’s yesterday, attendees joined long-time parishioners Allan and Annette Sauer in celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

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Annette and Allan Sauer, pictured yesterday at St Andrew’s, after the 8:30 am service

The couple met in 1970 at the Youth Group, St John’s Upper Mt Gravatt (now Wishart), when Allan was invited to be the Youth Group pianist. Allan had only recently joined the Anglican Church. Annette, however, grew up in the Anglican Church, having attended St John’s Upper Mt Gravatt for as long as she could remember. A chance meeting? I think not.

Allan and Annette announced their engagement after just 8 weeks of “going out together” and married 5 months later. In Annette’s words, “We were rather quick off the mark into marriage.” On the night Allan proposed Annette read these words from Amos 3:3: “Do two walk together unless they agreed to do so?” For Annette, this was a sign from the Lord that their marriage was God’s will for them. The couple married in the Church Hall, St Bartholomew’s Mt Gravatt, on Saturday 25 September 1971.

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Allan and Annette during their marriage ceremony, 25 September 1971
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Annette and Allan Sauer, after their marriage ceremony, 25 September 1971

After their marriage, Allan and Annette worshipped at St Bartholomew’s Mt Gravatt for many years. It was during those years that the couple welcomed two children, Nigel and Emily, into their family. In 2001, Allan and Annette became grandparents, with the birth of Nigel’s daughter Tarni.

Allan and Annette have been members of St Andrew’s South Brisbane since 2003 and, over the years, have served in many different areas of ministry here. Currently, Allan is the Parish Treasurer and member of Parish Council. Together Allan and Annette organise the rosters for the 8:30 am Sunday service. Both are liturgical assistants at 8:30 am Sunday services and serve on the flower roster and morning tea roster.

During their time at St Andrew’s, Allan and Annette have made many special friends, whom they count as an extension of their family. Clearly, throughout their marriage, Allan and Annette have sought and valued the fellowship and friendship of fellow believers.

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Reflecting on their 50 years of marriage, Annette writes: “Like all couples we have experienced many ups and downs in our time together. But we have always had a third person in our lives – our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ.”

What a wonderful testimony of faith and commitment!
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