A long tradition

St Andrew’s South Brisbane is an evangelical Anglican Parish and part of the Anglican Church Southern Queensland (ACSQ). Although the parish nominally includes the inner city Brisbane suburbs of South Brisbane, Highgate Hill and West End, our members come from far and wide throughout the Brisbane metropolitan area to be part of the church family here at St Andrew’s.

Undated. St Andrew’s Church, Rectory and Church Hall at 160 Vulture Street, South Brisbane, sometime prior to 1932.

The Anglican Parish of South Brisbane was formed in 1861, with Reverend John Bliss appointed as the first rector (senior minister). Since 1861, the parish has had 27 rectors, together with countless dedicated assistant clergy, lay staff and volunteers forming our leadership team(s). We at St Andrew’s South Brisbane revere and thank God for our long history of faithful evangelical leadership.

The first church building in the parish was St Thomas’, which was located on the site presently occupied by the Queensland State Library and Art Gallery. St Thomas’ Anglican Church was the second Anglican Church to be constructed in Queensland.

From the early 1870s, the congregation of St Thomas’ began to search for a new site. The church building, situated on low-lying land near the Brisbane River, was flooded in 1869 and, moreover, it no longer housed its growing congregation. The trustees found an elevated location in South Brisbane, at the corner of Vulture and Cordelia Streets, the site occupied today by St Andrew’s South Brisbane.

1920s-1930s. Congregation of St Andrew’s South Brisbane

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