A message from Rev Dr Colin Nicholson

Jesus Christ didn’t commit the Gospel to an advertising agency; He commissioned disciples. And He didn’t command them to put up signs and pass out tracts; He said that they would be His witnesses.

Joe Bayly in The 365-Day Devotional Commentary by Lawrence O Richards © 2009 WORDsearch Corp.

It is a pleasure to be here as the new locum Priest-in-Charge at St Andrew’s Anglican Parish South Brisbane, as we await the appointment of the new rector. Thanks to Rev Hugh for leading the parish these past 8 months; may he now enjoy his travels around Australia. Thanks also to Rev Ian who helps to provide stability in the changeover period. With the changeover of priestly leadership this is a now a special time of prayer and reflection for us. Yet we continue to minister as usual and encourage one another along life’s journey as Christians. Of course, COVID-19 has impacted what we do, perhaps making the journey more challenging, but nevertheless God is with us. In all of this we know we will be able to rise to the challenge and become better off with God’s help.

I have a saying: “Life can make you bitter or better”. It will be in the way we respond to the changes and challenges set before us that will affect how we come through, so I trust you will find your way with God’s help to become better. If you need to know more about how to do that, please contact myself, Rev Ian, or any of the leadership team who may be your first contact and they can refer you on to us for priestly counsel.

If you are new to the parish or looking over the website to see what we are about, feel free to contact us or come along and join in the worship and fellowship at any time. You will see there is a wide choice of worship times and fellowship, each with its own unique expression of Christian worship and fellowship. There are also activities during the week for Bible study, fellowship groups, and activities for children and youth. For those who are current members I look forward to getting to know you and working alongside you to bring the Good News of the kingdom to all, far and wide.

Blessings to you all,

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