There are churches dotted around the landscape, all over the world. Every Sunday Christians come to attend services. Many other things also happen in and around a church. So what’s it all about? Why do they do it?

A church can be a building. More importantly, it describes the group of Christians gathered in that building. When the Bible mentions a church it always means the group of Christians, not the building they happen to be in.

Local groups of Christians form churches to help and encourage each other in their lives as Christians. Churches also allow Christians to organise themselves to help the community and tell the community about Christianity.

Christianity is a system of belief centred on Jesus Christ. It is also a life centred on Jesus Christ. To understand Christianity you must start with Jesus.

Jesus lived almost 2000 years ago in what is now Israel. You can read about his life in the four gospels of the Bible. Christians believe that Jesus is God. Click on the image below to find out the central message of the Bible: the good news about Jesus.

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