We regret that because of COVID19 restrictions we cannot conduct Baptisms. However, please take the opportunity to contact us and have a chat. If we can’t meet in person, we can always meet online in the meantime.


Baptisms usually take place during one of our normal Sunday Services to adults and children (whose sponsors i.e. parent/s and godparents) have satisfied the following preparation requirements:-

  • Have been through a short introduction to Christianity, which requires at least four forty-five minute meetings.
  • Have attended at least six Church services at St Andrew’s over the six months before the baptism.

If you currently live interstate or at some distance to St. Andrew’s, we offer Baptism during one of our normal Sunday Services to children whose sponsors (parent/s or godparents) have satisfied the following preparation requirement :-

  • Provide a letter or email from their local Anglican Clergy stating that they are regular members of that congregation and that they have been adequately prepared for Baptism.

During the baptism service you will be asked to make promises on behalf of the child which say that :

  • You turn to Christ
  • You are willing to bring up your child as a member of the Church.

These promises will be explained to you in more detail during your preparation for baptism.

We want to encourage you to keep these promises.

Once you are ready to meet the baptism preparation requirements outlined above, or if you want more information, please contact St Andrew’s parish office on 3844 3808 or email or via the enquiry button  on the bottom right.