On 19 January, a bulldozer ran through some shacks by the side of a railway track. In a matter of hours, some 50 families were made homeless. Of course, I…

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St Andrew’s South Brisbane: A Fascinating History

St Andrew’s Anglican Parish South Brisbane boasts one of Brisbane’s oldest church buildings. The 140+ year-old building, which remains a much-loved place of worship today, has a fascinating history. On…

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The Place of Lament

Walter Brueggemann, in a sermon on the psalms, discusses the place of lament. As he does so he begins by referring to occasions in the story of Jesus when the…

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Ash Wednesday, Lent and Easter

This year Rev Ian McGrath will be looking after the Ash Wednesday service. As most who attend are retired, we have decided to hold the service at 12.30 pm. Not…

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