COVID-19 Call To Prayer

Many churches around the world are encouraging people to pray each night at 7 pm (19:00 hours). You are invited to join with St Andrew’s and pray each night. (The daily prayer messages will continue until such time as we are allowed to physically meet together at St Andrew’s for our usual services.)

We will be sending out an SMS or email each day with a prayer for you to pray at 7 pm. We have hope through the resurrection of Jesus because death has been defeated, so let us pray confidently to our heavenly Father. Please join the list here. Alternatively, you can bookmark this page and come here each night. The numbers at the bottom of this page are prayers. Whichever option you choose, thank you so much for praying. 🙂

No matter what we face, we don’t have to live in fear. In uncertain times, we can seek our unchanging God. One of the ways we can seek God is through prayer—which is simply an ongoing, honest conversation with God.

Prayer can absolutely change our circumstances, but most of all, it changes us. No matter what happens around us, God is always with us.