Room Hire

Owing to COVID19 restrictions our facilities are available for hire for a maximum of 50 people.

Our heritage-listed buildings are the perfect venue for your event. With easy access
to public transportation, and a range of meeting spaces, look no further for a suitable location to hold your next conference, meeting or banquet.

Room Booking Process

Please fill out the Hall Hire Application below by clicking on NEXT. We will respond within one week as to whether St Andrew’s can accommodate your request at this time.
(Tours of the facilities can be provided upon request. )

Hall Hire Application

  • 1. Begin by clicking on the Next Button below!
  • 2. Your details
  • 3. Activity Details
  • 4. Health and Safety
  • 5. Advertising
  • 6. Special Conditions
  • 7. Fees and Charges
  • 8. COVID-19
  • 9. Electronic Signature

Please answer all the following questions to submit an application to hire St Andrew's buildings. We will then let you know our decision as the hiring of our facilities has to be approved.(Note: ACSQ = Anglican Church Southern Queensland) You can pause and resume your application. If the application is not finished within a month, it will be automatically deleted.

Space Rental FAQ’s

1. Do you rent space for weekly support groups or recurring monthly groups?

Yes. We already have a number of groups that meet in our facility, so space is limited for other weekly groups (though there is some still available). We also host a few monthly or yearly groups. Please ask about which days and times are currently open.

2. Do you charge for the spaces you rent out, even if it is for a nonprofit group?

Yes. Other than rentals for parishioners or for our partner organizations (with whom we have intentionally developed a working relationship over a long period of time), we do charge full price for all rentals. Any change to the price of rentals is at the Rector’s discretion. All individuals and organizations (corporate/secular/not-for-profit), will be charged the standard room booking fees based on frequency (one-time use, weekly use, monthly use) and duration (hourly, half day, full day) of the meeting, as well as the room size.

3. Are you open to allowing your space to be rented for films and film crews?


4. Can I rent the kitchen for my event?

Yes, the kitchen can be used but we require an additional fee. The kitchen cannot be used for food preparation – only for distribution of previously prepared and properly stored food items which are brought on to the premises. We also do not have the capacity to store food or drinks prior to or during any events. We also cannot accept food, drinks, or other items that are delivered here prior to your event. The best idea is to hire a caterer who will look after the food.

5. Do you allow alcohol to be served during events?

This depends on the type and location of event. In general, if food/drink are allowed in the space you are renting, then we do allow beer and wine to be served. No alcohol can be sold on the premises unless the hirer has obtain the appropriate licence to do so. We ask, however, that your guests are respectful of the space and that you do not leave a mess behind (empty bottles, spilled beer, etc).

6. What time do evening rentals need to end?

At 10:30pm  the alarm system turns on automatically unless prior arrangements have been made with the security company through the parish office.  Please respect our neighbours by keeping noise to a minimum.

7. Do you have a projector and screen that I can rent? Do I need to bring my own laptop?

Yes, we do rent out our projector and/or screen for a flat rate of $25. However, we do NOT provide a laptop, so you will need to bring your own. We also suggest that you bring your own cord to connect the laptop to the projector (we do have cords, but they are not compatible with older PCs).

8. Where are the bathrooms?

There are men’s and women’s restrooms located in the hall and under the Church. There is disabled access to all areas.

9. St Andrew’s requires all organizations, individuals and activities held on the premises to be compatible with Christian beliefs and morals.