Set up Elvanto Account

1. Click on “Member Login”

2. At the bottom of the screen, click on  “Sign up.”
3. Note the option to setup login
through either FaceBook or
Google or email and password.
4. After clicking on “Create My Account“, you will see the screen above.
Click on the arrow next to your name in the upper right corner, and click on “Profile“.
5. Please enter details such as address, birthday, and anniversary.

Please also enter your car registration and click “Yes” for Car Parking.
That will entitle you to free parking when attending Church activities at St Andrew’s.

Click “Save” when you have finished entering all the information.

To enter other family members details,
click on “Family” which is on the left under the heading of Me.
6. Enter the person’s name and relationship from the drop down menu.
If the Last Name is different you can change it.
7. Click “Next
8. Please enter all the details.

Click “Save” when finished entering details.

Then click on “Family ” again to repeat the process of adding others.

When you have entered all family members,
log out by clicking on your name in the upper right and clicking “Log Out

Thank you!