St Andrew’s Drainage Project completed

It’s pleasing to be able to report that a project we have talked about for a long time has now been completed! 

The project involved improving the drainage around the north-east corner of the church. Previously, rain would pool in that area, causing regular flooding of the storeroom under the main church steps, and sometimes flow into the entrance to the Club Room. Over time, water had caused a rising damp problem in the stonework of the church, leading to some degradation of the stone itself. Our heritage architect, Andrew Ladlay, advised that it was important we address this and he developed a plan several years ago.

The problem was the cost of the work – some $55,275. Then, early this year, Andrew alerted us to the Queensland government Heritage Conservation Grant Scheme. We applied and were successful in winning a grant for the maximum amount available of $40,000! We were then able to utilise funds from our National Trust account for the balance of the cost.

We selected Chapman Builders to do the job. They have done good work for us before, including the new toilets in the hall. The drainage work, which was carried out in August and September this year, turned out very well. The result blends in nicely with the surrounding area, as the pictures below show. 

All in all, it was a job well done!
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