My wife Sue and I have attended St Andrew’s Anglican Church South Brisbane for 8 years. 

I grew up in the Anglican Parish of Christ Church Gladesville, in inner-city Sydney. This is where my family attended church, Sunday School, I sang in the choir, led the youth group and was part of a Christian youth band called “Threshold” that was highly involved in beach missions.

In 1976 I married Susan and we lived in the NSW towns of Thirlmere and Camden where our five children were born and grew up. Over this time, I continued my involvement in church music until we moved to Brisbane in 2011 as a true “sea change” and Sue and I eventually found our way to St Andrew’s.

Jim Smith was the person organising music back then and under his direction I formed a team with Annika Wellauer. 

In 2014, with the help of Naomi Keith, I took up the position of Music Coordinator, which I continued on my own after Naomi moved to Melbourne in 2017. Over this period 3 teams grew to 4 teams that involved 15 people.

My role has developed into the coordination of the groups and encouraging members to have fellowship and provide support for each other. This is not just at St Andrew’s but also at CMS Summer School Conference each January, the music for which I have coordinated for 3 years.

2020 saw my appointment to the role of 10.30 am Director of Music, which has been a remarkable journey of faith and perseverance. It was not without its challenges and it has reinforced to me that the role seen by the Parish Council and the Rector was vital for this church as it moves forward.

I feel extremely blessed to be here at St Andrew’s South Brisbane at a time when so many gifted members are willing to support the development of contemporary music in our church.


Dr Sc Ed (Curtin), M Sc and B A, Dip Ed (Mac)

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