Your generous response to the 2021 Annual Appeal

As churchwardens we want to thank all of you who contributed to the recent St Andrew’s South Brisbane 2021 Annual Appeal.

As a result of your generosity, we have raised some $12,500 for the Technology Appeal and $11,500 for the St Andrew’s South Brisbane Conservation Appeal (via the National Trust).

With the Technology Appeal funds, we will proceed with installing the large video monitors (“screens”) high up on each side of the chancel wall just outside the sanctuary. In addition, we have decided to install a PTZ (“Pan Tilt Zoom”) camera at the rear of the nave (near the main entrance) to give a much better view of proceedings in the whole church. It will replace the somewhat awkwardly placed cameras being used at present. These cameras will be relocated to other areas, as required. Regarding the sound quality during Sunday services, changes made recently have improved it quite a lot, but we will keep working on it to achieve high quality sound for all attendees.   

The National Trust funds will go towards major drainage improvement works around the northeast corner of the church building. We are pleased to report that we have been successful in applying for a $40,000 Community Sustainability Action Grant from the state government. This, together with the appeal funds, will just about cover the full cost of the project. There are some other drainage and rising damp issues around the church building, which we hope to address with funds built up in our National Trust Account over time.

Thank you again for helping to make all these important projects possible.

Bruce Wilson, Ed Behrbohm, Judy Salecich


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